You introduced me to Love

You introduced me to Love
You introduced me to Love
Whom I thought I knew
But I didn’t.
You are thee ultimate package
Of a “must have” in life.
I have really enjoyed
The warmth of your friendship
Over the years.
Here is to an ionic bond that
Shall last a lifetime on earth
and beyond in the Heavenlies.
Written By: Banyana Baxie Kebalefetse
For: Yvonne Tsona Mpofu
Tsona and Bax

Dear Life

Dear Life

This is it, I’m done. I’m done trying to figure you out.
I had thought even amidst the mystery I had at least
Found a track upon which I would tread without traps
Planted at every curve along my way with you.

I’m done telling myself I know what no man knows not.
Your elusive slippery moves elude the grips of me on
You, so excuse the news that I have let loose the love
That used to hold me dear in His arms for the soothing
Sweet taste of sin.

I know it has not been long enough to claim, that my
Sudden disdain of Him, was as a result of an unholy swim
In a pool of unvirtuous gin. But I have since learnt yet
Again, that knowing what I may; Life my friend,
You will always have your uncertain ways that lead to
That one place where grace always has to find more space
To abound more grace.

So I’m done! I’m done trying to learn the moves to your
Elusive dance.


Purple Light

Today I Write

Today I Write

I realise, when the words come
And you don’t heed the call,
The word then leave and as such
A part of you has been denied
The chance to live.

For some time, inspiration has
Come knocking at my door, but
Too many times I have let her
Down, I’ve let her walk away
while I was too busy with other

But not anymore. Today I put my
Foot down, I will heed to her
Voice and answer the call. Today
I will write, and afford the
Inspired faculties of me to live
Through these words.


They say ‘absence makes the
Heart grow fonder.’ And so I
Wonder; as you embark on this
Journey to wander unto a land
That birthed your mother, how
How much more have their
Hearts grown fonder for yours,

You spoke of your Aunty, your
One and only you called her,
And the excitement that brewed
In her heart, expressed in the
Sound of her voice when you
Called her.

Travel with your heart as white
As moon, and may the hearts of
Us, of those you leave behind
This noon, find fondness that
Binds our thoughts of you in

As you traverse the roads of
Dust with the silent hearts of
Those we’ve known but past.
Remember the first and last,
That He may take to task the
Lurking dark. And may He
Clothe you in luck until you’re



Of late I have spent much time
Under moonlight, in the soothing
Fragrance of cool chills. I have
Been lured into a fondness with
The stars, moon and sky.

And now, the freedom to spread my
Wings and fly, has me trapped in
The comfort of cloud nine. This is
The consequence of time spent in


Wanie’s Couch

Here I am again, on this very couch

Where beautifully myriaded moments

Devour time. Moments that adorn

Themselves in heartfelt laughters and

Conversations. A small rendezvous

Where our life’s adventures meet to

Share their exciting experiences

My friend probably rests here at times,

Reads here, and kneels here to pray

Sometimes. Or maybe just sits here,

To raise her feet and just hug her couch;

To wander off and reflect on life

So here I am today, seemingly covered

In fatigue and somnolence, but Wanie’s

Couch pampers me with its embrace

So now I mine the quiet moment for

Thoughts and words to frame them in

Verse and stanza.