Chasing Amber

Today I ran after the sunset, literally! I had gone out to get my camera from the car to take it into the house and the sun was setting. And as usual my eyes looked about into the wide skies and were met with a beautiful bright amber hiding behind the community junior school. I thought to grab my camera and snap a picture of her quick and I did. But I wanted to see all of her, not hidden behind anything. And so I thought why not find a spot at which she would be all out and exposed. So I went into the car started the engine and hit the dirt road without looking back. With my eyes set on the big and round orange phenomenon in the west, I drove down the Tsatsu seeking the perfect spot for my ‘perfect shot’…whatever that means! 

Now a couple of huge dust clouds behind me, I thought I’d found it when I suddenly hit the brakes and did a swift three point turn to veer off the road and finally take my ‘perfect shot’. But as I opened the door, camera ready in hand, I lifted my eyes to the western horizon and encountered a disappearing beauty. I watched as the amber melted away into the bluish grey ngwaketsi sky. And that was it! The sun had set on me and my hope to capture her beautiful flaunt before departure. I have always said I’d sit and watch the sun rise or set but never got around to it, and would always watch it move down or up the horizon. But it never occurred to me that what that meant was that I’d always seen the sun before and after the disappeared or appeared. But this time, I watched it really set. I saw it as its amber receded and literally melt away before my eyes, a beauty I don’t believe I could ever capture in a still picture even it were from a perfect spot, it could never be the ‘perfect shot’.

There is amber hiding behind the trees and community junior school buildings.
Moments after amber melted away into the horizon and left me in awe.


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