When I saw the sign I had to STOP! Because it bore boldly the name ‘home’. Lokgwabe is the home and birthplace of my dearest father. I was born in Gaborone, the busy capital of Botswana. It is the place I know more than any other that I have ever been to. But one day, very soon in fact, I will start to document the story of my people, the Bangologa or ‘Bangalogi’ as my eldest uncle likes to say; or simply Bakgalagadi as many like to call us.

I have a fondness for history and since a young age, stories from our past have always just intrigued me. They have a way with my emotions that I love. Learning the history of the world has always been so much fun, but learning the history of Botswana in the past year has been more than I can even express in words, it’s a word beyond fascination, a word my tongue and lips have not learnt to dance to yet.

When @Vee Mampeezy sang “Zwakala macheng…” in Hukuntsi from the Taku Taku album, Lokhwabe is amongst the four villages in Kgalagadi north that he was referring to, together with Hukuntsi, Lehututu and Tshane. What a beautiful song that is.

I believe the future is very important and that for it to be as bright as we often hope for it to be, it has to be inspired by the past. 


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