Utter the words and let me feel them.
Kiss my cheek and let me hear you.
I want the love you speak with your
Gestures, to venture into my heart with
Profound warmth. Your stillness to move
Me, to brood over a love so enormous
I will not be able to contain it within me.

What have you done to me? You confuse
My feels so much they refuse to get used
To the love you serve me daily. What a
Manner of love you have shown me. It
Hurts but it sooths my hurts, and cuts
Me deep to infuse itself into my bones.

So what have I done to deserve this? I
Have knelt on knees and screamed
Silent prayers I thought only my soul
Would hear. But the bearer of souls
Had heard ’cause He was there. So he
Heeded the shouts, and sounds of
Blessings bred in answered prayers,
And were then delivered my way.

But was I ever ready? Oh no, I was not!
Showers poured down and there came
The floods, in love drowned. But still,
Here I am gasping and needing for air
To breathe, enduring waves and tides
Of love so strong, they have since sunk
My ship of no hope and despair.

So why do I need this love? Why do I
Still cling onto it so much? ‘Cause it
Has delivered me from that much.
Through it, I have seen things only
Ever heard of, and have heard things
Only ever seen. I’ve felt it my bones
And in my core. I have learnt to swim
This ocean of life, and have mastered
Its waves and tides. And most of all,
I’ve learnt to weather the storm, never
To be afraid to break the norm, ’cause
Love, yes God; has blessed with love,
With you. My moon.


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