This is it, I’m done. I’m done trying to figure you out.
I had thought even amidst the mystery I had at least
Found a track upon which I would tread without traps
Planted at every curve along my way with you.

I’m done telling myself I know what no man knows not.
Your elusive slippery moves elude the grips of me on
You, so excuse the news that I have let loose the love
That used to hold me dear in His arms for the soothing
Sweet taste of sin.

I know it has not been long enough to claim, that my
Sudden disdain of Him, was as a result of an unholy swim
In a pool of unvirtuous gin. But I have since learnt yet
Again, that knowing what I may; Life my friend,
You will always have your uncertain ways that lead to
That one place where grace always has to find more space
To abound more grace.

So I’m done! I’m done trying to learn the moves to your
Elusive dance.


Purple Light


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