Herein is the translation, in poetry,
Of echoing moments within the sixty
minute circumference, whose manifestation
In time was also their fateful demise.

But having fathered and paved way
For a moment of double impact,
The ten ten moment, The Double
Deca moment. A moment clothed
In serene stillness yet deep within,
Is embedded with chaotic activity
Of incomprehensible thought
Generations and reflex sensations.

A moment of indubitably power-
Emotions, and yet not an ounce of
Them the heart can reminisce upon.
Stares at nothing, but that mean
Something, soothing sighs of peace
Of mind from time to time.

But while I sunk slowly and deeper
Into this pool of dimes, along came
A distraction and pulled me back into
The mundane flow of things. But all
Through the day were extraordintary
Spouts of moments, through which random
Thoughts tiptoed into the conscience
To deliver a small note from John.

The note does not seem much, its
Only the tenth of ten amongst many.
And with it came a filling of
Assurance for my heart and a feeling
Of contentment for my soul. That
Double Deca Moment still ripple
Effects through my being in
Wavelengths not measurable by
Richter scales, but sorts similar to
Hunger pangs. Life has been given
In abundance and within this ball
Of chocolate like molten caramel,
Sweet and pleasurable was a love
Ordained by Love Himself. Deca!💙

Soul Of Wit



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