I have had to let my thoughts go, surrender
Them to wonder, and have them wander to
Places that please more than just the eye.
Places that often find space in the heart,
And brand it ‘memorable’.

And it’s at such places that I have
Always found that urge, that tickle
And twitch in my fingers, in my poetic
Faculties. It’s in such places that
I have always found, not only the
Words, but those sweet and sour
Chronicles worthy of record in my book.

And for all this I know I am blessed
To have had this chance, to have been
Inspired, to have mustered up the
Courage to share my stories. Pieces of
Me. Whether big or small, it has always
Given me great pleasure and satisfaction.

So thank you. Thank you for reading the
Words of a bleeding heart; thank you for
Giving time to this heart when it smiles.
For sharing in the hurts and joys of my
Journey, ’cause these words have been the
Tissue and band aids that bind my wounds,
But also the breaks of great laughter.
So thank you!




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