I realise, when the words come
And you don’t heed the call,
The word then leave and as such
A part of you has been denied
The chance to live.

For some time, inspiration has
Come knocking at my door, but
Too many times I have let her
Down, I’ve let her walk away
while I was too busy with other

But not anymore. Today I put my
Foot down, I will heed to her
Voice and answer the call. Today
I will write, and afford the
Inspired faculties of me to live
Through these words.



3 thoughts on “Today I Write

  1. Beautiful. Yes please don’t let her go, write when she still lingers. This encouraged me today, thanks. I will again, today, remember to take out my pencil and notebook from my handbag, when inspiration knocks.

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  2. This has actually been really one of the top blogs i have read. It was actually really informative.Looking forward for a lot more blogs of this in near coming future


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