A Ratwa

A Ratwa

A day or two after the skies flaunted
The full brilliance of her queen. Born
To mother Earth was another, history
Called her Princess: a priceless gift to
Mother and father. To whom the love
Of Heaven has manifested, so rightfully
They named her, Heavenly.

Ya re Kgosigadi ya Mopitlo Ngwedi a
Hulara, ra tlhoka go lala mo hihing.
Masego a Modimo a na, a ratwa.
(As the Queen of March, Moon,
fled away, we were never left to
Face the darkness. The blessings
Of God rained, and they were loved.)

To the beautiful baby girl on the B.R Express,
In whom imagination saw a refulgent glimpse.
Happy first Birthday, to that cute little Princess.
May the Lord’s blessings shower you in excess.


A Glimpse of Motherhood. By Wananani B. Kebalefetse.

A Glimpse of Motherhood. By Wananani B. Kebalefetse.

She laid there!
Arms wide spread
On the white sheets
Of the hospital bed.
I didn’t know what
To expect when I saw her,
She was facing the wall
When I walked in.
I drew closer to her,
Kissed her shining forehead.
She turned sleepy eyes, body weak,
But as she looked at me,
I felt the heaviness that was clogging my heart
Clear off, I felt light.
I realised right there
I just got a glimpse of motherhood.

A Poem By my very special friend, Ms. Banyana Diana Kebalefetse. I believe about her very first encounter with her God-Daughter, little Miss Heavenly. Congratulations my friend, I love it, and I think it’s perfect.


They say ‘absence makes the
Heart grow fonder.’ And so I
Wonder; as you embark on this
Journey to wander unto a land
That birthed your mother, how
How much more have their
Hearts grown fonder for yours,

You spoke of your Aunty, your
One and only you called her,
And the excitement that brewed
In her heart, expressed in the
Sound of her voice when you
Called her.

Travel with your heart as white
As moon, and may the hearts of
Us, of those you leave behind
This noon, find fondness that
Binds our thoughts of you in

As you traverse the roads of
Dust with the silent hearts of
Those we’ve known but past.
Remember the first and last,
That He may take to task the
Lurking dark. And may He
Clothe you in luck until you’re



Of late I have spent much time
Under moonlight, in the soothing
Fragrance of cool chills. I have
Been lured into a fondness with
The stars, moon and sky.

And now, the freedom to spread my
Wings and fly, has me trapped in
The comfort of cloud nine. This is
The consequence of time spent in