Dear Computer 💻

Dear Computer

You cut me off while I try to do
My work,
I ask you nicely, “please don’t do
It, you’re an Apple Mac.”
But you do it anyway, “mare what
The heck!”

I won’t throw you to the floor,
Nor will I show you out the door.
I will keep on using you, until a
Better you is born.
So cut me off and rip me off.
Just know the day will come,
When I will be better off; without
You acting like a prema stoffo.


Just Fate.

I never chose to fall in love, I
Just did.
I never sought you to be my
Secret love,
There was never a date or a
Day, just fate.

The Silent Love

This is the silent love that speaks

Louder than words. The kind that
Leaves you wandering and pondering
Upon thoughts of moments, that
Lingered for too short a time.

This is the silent love that speaks
A language known only to hearts
And goosebump skins. The kind
That comes with the scented wind
From the gardens’flowers.

The silent love that is hidden in the
Light, right under our God’s disguise.
It strides and strives only in Glory’s
Sweet grace. The only intimacy it
Knows is the spirit’s Holy embrace.

This is the silent love, whose quiet
Talk deafens the ear and whose still
Walk quakes the heart. This is the
Silent love.

My Colour is Flower. 🌻

Why do you poke your nose at me,
When I take my time to bloom for

It seems my scent is all you seek.
You sneak on me, you bend a knee
And take a peak at me with a bit of
A snotty sniff.

Why not inhale my searing scale of
Visual tales that this scent wont tell.
And smell with sight this spectrum
Of white that gives the night the
Colour of light. I am beautiful and
My colour is flower.