The Perennial Star.

The Perennial Star.

Who is she that she should light
The night? When every other day
When the sun shies away, we all
Shine away to adorn the darkened
Skies oh so religiously.

And indeed you forget northern
Star, that noon and midnight time
The moon stays shining and high,
Always relenting across the skies.
And this is who she is, amongst
The great lustre of stars, but also
Beside the brightest day star. Sun.
Now that there, is a “ride or die”.

So why do you run after stars
Young man, that work a season
And go? When here you have a
Perennial star that worketh all
seasons, so maybe that is
Your fourever. But fourget not
Young lad, that Song of Solomon:

“Stir not or awaken love until it


What’s Good About GoodBye?

She will ride the blue monster
And flee with the grey wind.
‘Goodbye’, she said. But by
What good means does it
Mean to leave, and leave an
Intangible solace sought in
Vain; in the saddened traffic
Of my arteries and veins, only
To the gain of the pains that
Run through the these cardio

Your goodbye’s solace is faint,
And as dim as darkness paints
The skies as when our saviour’s
Palms received those nails. It
Was finished then, and so is our
Post millennium’s 16th phase.

Her tiny feet shall traverse
The arid land, to honour what
She deems ‘the top Royal land’.
By virtue of what? I know naught!
But as royalty is indeed my forte
I shall explain, just as I ought to.

But ride the wind my heart, and
Breathe the railway line, let not
Excitement simmer down in your
Spirit for all the miles of your
Wander. ‘Til we meet again on
Tabula’s Rasa, ready your leaded
Heart for yet another page of
Fine texture. Hard on the outside
But with a sweet soft molten core.
So shall be the life we strive to live,
Soon as we have crossed the river.

Choooop chooooooop…🚦🚂🚂🚥🚞

Photo Credit: Wananani The Queen