We Are…

We Are…

​The Blue Black and White

The colour of unity & pride,

Wagging under Sun’s shine.
Birds, Wind and working

Men, all share this tranquil

Land. Peace and Love have

Been woven into our DNA.

We are cut from the linen

Worn by the Son of Man.
We are Compassion, we are

Hospitality, we are Warmth

We are Sons and Daughters

Of the Desert. We are

Batswana a.k.a Bechuana.



‘Kgosi Tse Tharo.

‘Kgosi Tse Tharo.
3 Dikgosi (Chiefs) Monument Gaborone, BW.

Letse ke huraletse Dikgosi

Maabane. Baitaamonyo ba
Puso le thokgamo ya ‘hatshe
La ga eno. Batsamai ba go
Ralala mawatle go lekola
Mosadi-moswaana, ba mo
Teile leina ba rile ke ene
Mma Mosadinyana, ntshadinyana
Motho wa ga Lontone.

Ke letse ke huraletse dihikantswe
Maabane, mahika a Bogosi mahika
A kgololesego ya ‘Hatshe la
Botswana. Go ne gole kgolagano
Ya mahoko le maboko, tswine le
Melotsana ya meopelo le dikatara.
Badiragatsi ba diragatsa go tlala ka diatla.

Kare ‘letse ke huraletse Kwena
Maabane, Bathoen wa ga
Ngwaketse: a re “ntsee he batho
Je nnyena loare lo dira eng hoo?”
Mme mogolo a seka a tlhoka
Karabo, morwadia Eyman Gauta
Ya poko ya mo kgwa dikgaba
Ka pina le polelo, a ipolela
Morweetsana, naletsana ya
Batlhaping metlhabeng ee mesetlhana.
E re ke tla go utlwa meritshana
Yaaka e kokoana, e bo ele Leano
Moroba wa ga Ranko selo
Se sebotlana. Mme lo mmone o
Kwankwetla ya puo o letse a
Makaditse Khama.

Kare letse ke huraletse Magosi
Maabane, Mokwena ka sebele
Sebele wa ntlha o tshipi khunou
Okame toropo kgolo ya Batswana.
A bogetse, a lebile banana ba
Naana maboko, ‘tlase ga loapi lo
Kgabile ka dinaledi le dinaletsana.

Ele ruri Magosi a letse a thamile
Maabane. Le ntswa ke ne ke ba
Huraletse, kana batlapele ba rile
Mahoko a matlhong, jaanong
Nna ka ke le ditlhong ka thethela
Ntlheng e sele, mme e se ka go
Tlhoka botho tota ele go itshupa
Botlhanka, kana ke monyana
‘Letse ke hatlhogo go le maabane!

Bambino! Bambino! Mosimane
Yo wa Mokalaka lo ‘leme le
Borethe lo mmone a seka a
Tloga a lo golega. Mme le ene
Yo wa ntsalae lo mo tshabe lo
Mo tshabela kgakala Kgabo morwa
Ntshabele, kana a re o letse a
Ikala ka ‘kale sa bokolwane
Mokolwane a ipalamebala ya
Kgaka. “Semausu Love!”
Senkgwe sa botshelo se mo
Tsheletse masego, a re o iponetse
Sego sa metsi nkgonne o iponetse

Ele ruri Magosi a letse a kgabile
Maabane, ba kgabile ka menyenyo
Ee megolo, kana bagolo re ba
Tlotlile ka dipina le maboko!
Too gothe!

Jaded Eyes_Transition



All I had was hope.
A floral dress I wore
Expecting a cool and
Sunny day with bright
Skies, whose blue
Canvas skin was
Patched with white
Puffy candy floss like

But today came
Courted with news,
Her golden day star
Hid from view and
Wept. Her tears tore
Apart a gradually
Growing hope.

But having brooded
Over my unsuspecting
Hope’s defeat. I fell
Upon a thought of

“Faith is the substance
Of things hoped for,
The evidence of
Things not seen.”

My hope lacked


Love. God. Word: The Trinity.

Love. God. Word: The Trinity.

In a council of thoughts
Whose motives I never really
Know or fully understand,
Whose advice do I take?

In between raging pulpitations
That beat my heart into a deep
Affection for you, what exactly
Is this I feel; love?

I heard Love was God and
God, Love. So for you I will
Let God lead. I will let God
Weave our way into each
Other’s arms, full sleeve.

John said, “In the beginning
Was the Word…the word was
“; So to take the edge of
‘The Wait’ off, I write.

The Wait…

Tossing and turning,
Going back and forth;
Jumping from thought
To thought. Many are
These thoughts but
Really just one. Sleep
Is just eluding him.

His head lays
Sandwiched between
The two pillows,
His heavy breaths
Coming short, one
After another.

Severe sinuses
Punctuate each one
Of these breaths. But
One of which he
Manages to hold for
A few seconds before
Jumping off to the
Side of his bed.

He knelt there with
His back pole-straight
And fists clasped
Tightly against his
Violently pounding

Even in his partial
Slumber: “Dear God…”,
He prayed for her.

I wonder;
If she prays
For him too, if she
Ever finds herself
In the sweet company
Of thoughts about him.

If her prayers
Ever meet his
Somewhere in the
Starry darkness of
Between midnight and
Dawn, floating about
In vast ether, enroute
The His gracious ear.

Every night he
Closes his earnest
Prayer, and patiently
He waits:


Deliver My Soul.

Each and every day,
On and on I go
About my sinful way.
Snubbing the wage
I will, have to pay,
When I meet my
Lord’s wrath and rage.

Even some say,
The Bible is a fictional
Book written by crooks
Who took, their imaginations
To places we ourselves
Never ever should;
That they created
Utopian places even
They, never understood.

Heaven, is only but
A milk and honey
Coated haox, so those
Who believe their souls
Will soar to a place of hope
This book they quote,
They may as well just throw
To the ambry coals,
‘Cause ‘yoh’! YOLO!
“You Only Live Once,”
So let’s ‘Carpe this diem’.

Or maybe my ‘freedom’
As well is needing of context,
This feeling of fear is
Breeding a spout of doubt,
And sieving the truth.

If indeed by chance
I came unto being;
Then how do I even
Trust my own reasoning?

So please Lord,
Take me to your river
And deliver, my soul
From heathen!

Thank You.

Thank you.

For being the snooze
Alarm on my circular
Compass, redirecting
My feet as I traverse
Through this ungracious
Journey of life.

For being the stars
That adorn the
Darkness of my
Moonless nights.

And for being the voice
That speaks within;
The mode of communication
Through which HE
Reaches me. For that:

I thank you.