Deliever Me From Heathen!

Along pursuit’s avenue, I continued my search.

Though confused by worldly contradictory views,

My soul continues to seek the truth.

A constant disguised behind mankind’s many theories,

Convenience convenes with the means;

The means of life our flesh desires to please.

But please, I plead, “can you hear me?”

“May you please, come near me.”

I seek to see your face but many are times,

My gaze is found misplaced ’cause faith,

My faith, fades away when perils invade my way.

They slay my will to pray and slowly my peace decays.

In guilt and shame my thoughts stay tamed,

And, while defeated and slain it’s hard to stay sane.
There after, always, I feel condemned and never content,
My flesh’s desire deceives and chains me,

So please, redeem me, free me like Paul and Silas,

Break and let loose these chains of misguidance.
Take me, to your river,

Deliver me and lead me, like Lydia led to heed thy word at the river.

So take me, to your river,

‘Cause no ‘mount of silver can buy me my freedom,

If not only my Saviour, so please, my Saviour, save me!
Even now my heart’s doors stay closed still,

Not yet filled with the Lord’s will,

Still, with sin my heart stays hardened.

This heart is tricky, witty with words weaved to deceive,

Blocking my soul to receive, the beautiful gift of your salvation.

But I read,

Sometimes, I read the scriptures

Hoping to see those pictures,

Captured by the Prophets and Apostles,

The stories they scripted for lost ones,

Lost ones like me, seeking a last chance.

But oft times we sit on cue, on pews

Pondering upon the circular deeds we view

As less tedious than God’s, merciful  dues.

In Romans 3:31 Apostle Paul said he saw,

That it’s not by law but faith, that we can all receive God’s all.

But not to say that we need not the law,

But that by faith, and only by faith, do we truly fulfil the law.

And though I know, tothe Lord I still say “No!”

And on and on, I go about my sinful ways

Snubbing the wage I WILL, have to pay,

Someday, when I meet my Lord’s wrath and rage.
Some say, the Bible is a fictional book written by crooks

Who took, their imaginations to places we ourselves never should:

They created utopian places even they, never understood.

Heaven, is only but a milk and honey coated haox,

So those who believe their souls will soar to a place of hope

This book they quote, they may as well just throw

To the ambry coals, ’cause ‘yoh’!

YOLO! You Only Live Once, so let’s ‘Carpe this diem’.

But maybe my freedom as well is needing of context,

This feeling of fear is breeding a spout of doubt,

And sieving the truth.

So of by chance I came unto being,

Then how do I trust my own reasoning?

So please, take me to your river,

And deliver, my soul from heathen!


Who Are You?

Phomolo Wendy Matleelane loves reading, writing poetry and jotting down insights. She attends Compass International Ministries. She currently works as a Research Assistant at the Ministry of Local Government in Gaborone. God has faithfully pursued her with His love for so many years. For Him, she waits. Enjoy! The current struggle that we have today […]

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