Rain Under Clear Skies!

Ever heard the phrase, “when it rains it pours”! It was one night, clear skies with fragments of chill in the air. The firmament was lotioned in beauty, fragranced with hints of glitter as sparkling stars everywhere. But it rained, it rained so hard the bonfire we assembled around seemed so far, barred by the incense of tales dipped in essence. Laughter and feeling lit the synergy of the people gathered there. But only according to the command of time, who appointed a ruler over each string of moments. The wind of the night was still,  but the frantic whirl of emotions could be felt as it kissed our skin, raising our pours and hairs as it rained. Each drop of rain covered our faces, on our hands, the tips of our fingers were signed with wrinkles of print, that each uniquely carved and designed our moment’s identity. Identifying us each with the voice of every speaker, some of whom we had never even met or heard before. The tone of each voice felt like some part of home, comforting our hearts in the warm palms of their frequencies. And instantly, the chambers of our hearts began to flow with newness and consistency.
They say that, ” the moment, is our only certainty”, and most certainly, in that moment the cords of our lives were disconnected from the lines of reality. And consequently, our thoughts and spirits got caged in Utopia, not fantasy. ‘Cause my friend, when it rains it pours, and that’s no fantasy. On that night, it poured with poems, we were flooded with pools of words that drenched our souls to the core. At that night, we tasted, we heard, we felt, we touched and we saw, words: manifesting their power as deposited within us by “the Word”, the same Word that in the beginning spoke all things into being. He even calmed the storm with words, When He told it “peace be still”. That night, it rained under clear skies; it reigned tears and jokes, dances that dazed, tales and songs, poems and psalms that provoked our sluggish peace and stillness into enjoyment. That night; it rained metaphors and similies, short stories and poetry, words rained under starlight: all through the alchemism of “Words at Work”.