Pessimists are half-empty souls and Optimists are half-full souls: which one are you? Well, I am a soul with a steadfast hope, a soul with firm stout faith. I am the soul whose cup and its fullness may be precisely measured, but one whose cup his fullness are not its measure. I am the soul who is not limited to the cup’s brim: I am the soul who spills over and beyond the cup’s imposed litmitations. I am the soul whose streams travel wider than the formidable seas. I am the soul who is as vast as the immeasurable ether. I am that soul that stretches far and beyond the furthest galaxies astronomy has not thought to even name yet. I am the soul that acknowledges that although its body may be physically and temporarily confined to the bounds of this earth; earth herself is only but a subset of an even greater population of the universe. So I am a soul that abides not by laws of this world or universe; I am a soul that abides by laws decreed by the Creator of this world and universe.
Opti-Pessimism is a doctrine of this world, self imposed by the Opti-Pessimists themselves; not realising that altemately: Pessimism is just half-empty-optimism while Optimism is just half-full-pessimism: whose view is under the tyranny of a two dimensional world. But I, the Believer, believe in a world of three or even more views: a multi dimensional world. So when Opti-Pessimists choose to believe that a coin has two sides, I already know for fact that it has a total of three. So when tossed into the air, the probability of it landing on each side is calculated out of three: Heads, Tails and of course its thin edgy third side that is just as measurable, therefore, most certainly probable. So yes, I am that soul that rebels against the most stringent laws of a big bang theory haven. A soul that
stretches his belief as far as a once promised Heaven. A place where no school of science has ever hoped to discover or marvel; a place where no statistically accurate theorem could ever deem as calculably possible. A place of no sighs, a place of Utopia: whose existance logic nor intelligence could ever dream to fathom. I am a soul of Royal Priesthood, one of a Chosen Generation. A Soul-Child to the Great I AM, because I am, a Believer.



HiStory: A Child is Born

The stark ambry eye of heaven shines gloriously upon her dull semi-desert sands, so they thought it cheap redemption that a certain Okavango Delta stands somewhat boldly over her dry dunes of the Kgalagadi. But hey: “Still waters run deep” is what they say, “never judge a book by its cover”, right?

As if ironically though, deep down beneath in the womb of her presumed barren and impotent land, lies covered a treasure so full of lustre it proclaimed the bright future of a whole nation. At the core of her belly, in her very essence she bears pint sized blessings, glorious little gem stones otherwise known to many as diamonds. Shiny small rocks that have fed this nation for decades, nurtured a blessed people and secured a rich history for them.


In the late evening of yesteryear a masterpiece was born to Batswana, a precious bundle of joy and pride weighing in at a staggering 1,111carats. However, she is yet to be named, named by you, her godfathers and godmothers, Batswana. So what will you name her?


Please forward your suggested names to admin@leapfrog.co.bw accompanied by their brief descriptions and explanations. You will then stand a chance to be the lucky recipient of a P25 000 price of appreciation and gratitude from Lucara Mining Corp. The deadline for submissions is 28th January 2016.


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HiStory, BW’s Very Own!

Late last year in mid-November, Lucara Diamond Corp. unearthed Botswana’s very own 1,111 carat diamond at Letlhakane’s Karowe mine in Boteti. This massive discovery was a truly historic one; one that every single Motswana must be proud of. It is the second largest quality diamond to ever be discovered, second only to the 3,106 carat Cullinan found in neighbouring South Africa over a century ago, in 1905. On the day, Lucara, the company that mined the almost tennis ball size gem, is said to have seen a growth of up to 37% of its shares. Furthermore, it is apparent that within the next week theimage

company had already gotten a bid of about $48 million for the type IIa stone, a request from a certain museum in Europe and another by Discovery Channel to make a documentary about the rock’s discovery at Karowe.

Experts say that diamonds of this size are usually quite difficult to put a price tag on, but some estimates have already valued this particular rock around the $60 million mark, which translates to just over 600 million in local Pulas(BWP), that is BWP 600 000 000(I just had to write out all the zeros for effect). Apparently, on a typical trading day in the diamond industry, a single carat of such exceptionally large diamonds can go on sale for up to $60 000 each, which means if like the Cullinan, this gem is also to be cut into several pieces and sold separately, one can only imagine how much a 1,111 carat diamond can gross.

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Hello, the name is SoulOfWit and this blog is basically to share my thoughts around everyday issues within and beyond my society, any and everything that I may take interest in. This particular post is just meant to introduce the series of posts that I will be sharing from today; we know that late last year history was made when the world’s second largest quality diamond was found in my country, Botswana. I will be sharing what I have heard, read and seen with regard to this historical discovery. Thank you.